Lifelines is an application which can access the electronic records of 2.5 million patients  who have been seen at the Trust since 1990. This innovative tool was developed and designed in house between David Rew, consultant in surgical oncology, and a small team of UHS Digital developers.

When clinical staff use Lifelines they can see their patient’s clinical information at a single glance, in one view. The patient timeline on the screen has icons, and each icon acts as a window to patient information. By clicking on any particular icon, the clinician can see electronic documents, imaging reports, patient blood group and much more. Lifelines also displays inpatient and outpatient admissions and attendances.

Additionally, the valuable resource of electronic patient data, which covers a period of 30 years and 2.5 million patients, offers an opportunity for in depth and potentially ground breaking clinical research.

“Lifelines is dynamic and the timeline changes continuously – electronic documents are added directly to the timeline and, it is visually rich, simple to use & intuitive: clinical picture can be read “at a single glance”

Lifelines in the press