What is a BI platform?

The new Business Intelligence (BI) Platform brings together the clinical, operational, estates and workforce systems in place at University Hospital Southampton for analysis, all in one, easy to visualise, place.

The BI platform has two layers:

  • a data warehouse which collates data from across the Trust
  • a BI Tool, called Microsoft Power BI, which helps staff to visualise the data from the data warehouse.

Who will be able to use this?

The BI platform will be available Trust-wide for all staff to use which allows clinicians, and operational staff, to analyse various combinations of the data they need, in real time. This information can be seen on any digital device, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops.

The BI tools give staff the option to subscribe to alerts concerning clinical data, Emergency department demand, Length of Stay, bed management and more, sent to their choice of mobile device.

This picture shows how the BI platform will work.

The data will be available on a real time basis, including the live state of the hospital, all seen at a glance. Users will be able to self-select the data and metrics they are interested in, and actionable insights will be easy to identify.

The data warehouse will bring together information from all individual critical trust systems. This will be available for analysis by parties within the Trust and external parties such as R&D.

Reaching the City of Southampton

The data will also be fed into a new data sharing initiative aimed at improving public health and patient care, known as the Social Data Foundation for Health and Social Care (SDF).  The three principal partners in the initiative, Southampton City Council (SCC), University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHSFT), and the University of Southampton (UoS) will use the combined data to enhance the rapid provision of complex integrated care and the management of long-term conditions.

Please contact Peter.Roche@uhs.nhs.uk  for further details and updates.