What is My Medical Record?

Watch this short video to find out more about My Medical Record, with Mavis Ayer and Lucinda May both talking about the digital platform which allows patients to directly contact their care team, and have access to their results and GP letters.

New My Medical App for mobile phones

Have a look at the new mobile phone app for My Medical Record

Digital Maternity

Pregnant women now have direct access to their maternity records online. Watch this short film to find out more.

What is digital healthcare and how does it impact the delivery of care?

Watch this to find out about the digital technology in place UHS. Hosted by the UHS Digital team talking patient data, digital maternity and My Medical Record. This live event took place in June 2021.

Doctors at University Hospital Southampton use Microsoft Teams to communicate

Doctors at the University Hospital Southampton use Microsoft Teams to communicate

Consultant Mat Cordingly talks about Metavision

Consultant Mat Cordingly talks about his experience using the digital system Metavision at University Hospital Southampton

HIMSS and University Hospital Southampton

Watch this short film about the way the digital systems work at University Hospital Southampton

Virtual multi disciplinary meetings at University Hospital Southampton NHS FT

Four histopathologists at UHSFT share their experiences attending multi disciplinary meetings at the Trust using Microsoft Teams and the benefits of working virtually.