Doctors with ipadCHARTS provides clinicians with worklists of current inpatients and scheduled outpatients to allow effective management of patients and quick access to the relevant information.

Clinical history can be viewed for each patient with documents with results dating back to 2005 being available.

Electronic notes and correspondence can be created, clinic letters and discharge summaries are sent electronically to GP practices.

Patients seen in clinic or as an inpatient may often need a blood test, x-ray or other test or investigation.  All are requested electronically through CHARTS with over one million requests being processed per year.

CHARTS is fully integrated with the laboratory and radiology systems; all test results and imaging reports are accessible within CHARTS with results being acknowledged by the requesting clinicians to ensure that results are seen and acted upon when necessary.

A series of bespoke clinical modules within CHARTS allow for further data capture relating to procedures, pregnancies and outpatient reviews with details recorded forming part of the electronic record and allowing for submission to national datasets.

CHARTS is owned by UHS and continually improved to meet the needs of our users and patients as part of our ongoing development programme.