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Welcome to the UHS Lifelines section of the UHS Digital website.

UHS Lifelines represents a radical approach to the presentation and interaction with the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) across UHS Clinical Data Estate.

It is visually rich tool for human-computer interaction (HCI), which is likely to be both unfamiliar and unimpressive to you at first glance.

UHS Lifelines is a fast route to the creation of a usable EPR on a single screen, for each of ~ 2.5 million individual EPRs at UHS. It opens through an APP Tile in CHARTS.

It displays all documents in eDocs, along with all imaging requests in eQuest, hospital admissions from e-Camis and selected other information in real time, including Covid test results, in the form of subject specific timelines and interactive iconography.

As such, it substantially reduces the screen time and mental effort spent in re-creating the EPR  and in accessing critical documents at every patient encounter.

It frees health professionals from much computer drudgery, and it frees up more quality time for clinical interactions with patients. In defaulting to an overview of the entire EPR, UHS Lifelines also reduces the risk of missing critical information in other clinical disciplines.

UHS Lifelines is a system of systems which have been wholly developed at UHS, and it is under continuous evolution. In the accompanying UHS Lifelines blog, we will progressively explore its history and the future potential of this unique system.

Your help in exploring this intuitive approach to the EPR, and in contributing to its further evolution, will be invaluable.

Thank you and enjoy

David Rew MChir FRCS
Consultant General Surgeon
UHS Lifelines Concept Lead

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