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 We offer our systems on a commercial basis to other organisations.

Find out more about My Medical Record, our commercially available online patient record used by 25 UK Trusts and Health Boards.

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What is My Medical Record?

Used by over 244,000 patients in the UK, My Medical Record is one of the most established digital personal health records available to NHS Trusts.

The system was first launched in 2015 at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and is now operational in some 25 Trusts and Health Boards across England and Wales.

As well as providing patients with basic health information, access to appointments and test results, the system has developed to enable clinicians to manage patients on long-term care plans in many areas, such as heart failure, IBD, cancer and many others.

Currently more than 100 clinical teams across the UK rely on My Medical Record to ensure patients’ conditions are managed in a timely and efficient manner.

My Medical Record can also be used by Perioperative teams to prepare patients for surgery.

Key functionality includes:

  • Patient Initiated Follow-Up (PIFU) – at all levels.
  • Remote monitoring – where virtual reviews replace the need for patients to have unnecessary follow-up appointments.
  • Active monitoring – where clinical teams monitor patients by collecting vital health data from them whilst they’re away from the hospital.
  • Supported self-management – where patients are given access to useful information and digital tools (such as messaging) to help them to self-manage their condition.
  • PROMs collection – where patient-reported outcome measures are collected at scale, enabling the Trust to collect data which could lead to evidence-based clinical practice change and service-change opportunities.


The My Medical Record app is available on App Store and Google Play

How can I find out more?

As NHS employees the team here at My Medical Record understand the challenges of providing the best clinical care with limited funding and staffing.

That is why we provide My Medical Record to other organisations at sensible affordable levels.

The systems have all been developed in consultation with clinical teams working directly with patients. This is why we know our systems are some of the best in class.

If you would like to know more about what conditions we are able to support and how we can enable your organisation to benefit from potentially smaller workloads but better patient engagement please get in touch with us.

Commercial Manager: Carl Maskelyne

Contact: mymrenquiries@uhs.nhs.uk


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