man and screenIf a patient moves for treatment from one NHS trust to another it is often difficult for clinicians to see the patient’s reports or images from the previous trust, such the x-rays, tests and results, because these reports are not currently shared digitally across all of the NHS.

Sometimes these xrays are posted in the mail, and this can lead to repeat tests or procedures, even a delay in patient care, because of the amount of time it takes for the clinician to get these patient reports and images from other healthcare providers through the post.

To improve and solve this problem UHS Digital are putting in place a Cross Document Sharing (XDS) platform so that patient reports and images can be safely and securely shared digitally between Trusts.

We will then expand this digital system to Cross Community Access (XCA) so trusts across the NHS can access the same data, securely and of course, share x-rays digitally.

This will reduce costs, and the improve the amount of time it can take for a patient to transfer between healthcare providers, for example, to be seen by the new doctor and clinical team in a different location.

When clinical staff can share x-rays digitally they will have more time to care for patients, and reduce diagnosis time. This is one of many digital projects we are working on behind the scenes at UHS Digital, to improve patient care and efficiency.