Men at laptopsUHS uses an Electronic Clinical and Management Information System, known as eCaMIS, to manage the patient’s administrative details. Essentially, when a patient arrives at the hospital eCaMIS keeps a record of the patient in Outpatient and Inpatient, Waiting List and Theatre activity.

The Outpatient section keeps a record of the patient’s referrals, future bookings and attendance details. This works with eReferral which allows the patient to be referred, and to book their appointments, from the GP surgery, or at home.

The Inpatient section keeps a record of the patient’s movements while they are admitted to Hospital. This inpatient section records details of the consultants the patient is under the care of, as well as the capacity on each ward.  All of the inpatient data is down to ward and bed level and displays beds which are occupied, closed or available.

All patients who are on a waiting list for admission are recorded and managed on Waiting List.  This links with the digital patient record system, CHARTS  which allows clinicians to create electronic requests for patients to come in for surgery.

A patient’s journey through the hospital is recorded in Theatres.  Every time the patient has an ‘event’ through theatre a timestamp is added to their notes. This also keeps a record all the staff present. Notes can be recorded within in Theatres, such as any delays to the theatre session and is used for improving the service and managing capacity.