UHS’ Technical Solutions Team designed electronic whiteboards to replace the handwritten boards used on the wards. The ewhiteboards display information taken directly from a patient’s electronic record. They show the patient’s care symbols, length of admission and estimated discharge date.

The technology show all tests ordered and completed, and allows staff to see when patients are medically fit to leave hospital.

It is crucial for management teams to be able to see real time bed capacity in the trust. At UHS, replacing traditional ward whiteboards with electronic versions has improved patient flow, reduced errors and increased clinical time.

The trust began rollout of the ewhiteboards in November 2017, with the final adult wards going live in July 2018.


"Previously there would be a push in the morning during the ward rounds to expedite patient discharge, but now staff members can chase potential delays in patient care throughout the day as it is evident what is still waiting. An interesting side effect has been that documentation in the patient record has improved, as clinicians know that if it’s not clear what has been done, they’ll be chased later in the day." Tracy Mahon, T&O Matron