Our digital programme encompasses a number of different projects. These include:

Moving beyond records to full paperless workflow and no casenotes with our Electronic Document Management System, eDMS

Further developing our successful online digital patient record ‘My Medical Record’

Enhanced prescribing with positive tie up between wrist bands and medication given

Updating infrastructure and bringing in new types of mobile and touch screen technology, like our iPad application digiRounds and the electronic whiteboards

Enabling the workforce by delivering new communication tools in the form of messaging that can be linked to workflow and the record, such as our electronic messaging service Medxnote

Bringing together different datasets to monitor new information and trigger relevant clinical events 

We are currently leading an exciting programme to become a paperless digital exemplar trust. In 2016 we were awarded the status of Global Digital Exemplar , GDE in recognition of the projects we have already rolled out.

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